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Detective Anasterasia Gose has been with CMPD for just over a year. After working in patrol, she was recently promoted to a detective position. She’s worked in law enforcement for five years. Anasterasia was previously with the Fayetteville & Huntersville Police Departments.

What drew you to law enforcement as a career?
I knew that I wanted to be in law enforcement since I was 10. I had a rough childhood and grew up in a rough area. I ended up in foster care along with my other siblings. Just from my childhood, I knew I wanted to go back and work in those rougher neighborhoods that other officers maybe wouldn’t want to and really try to make a difference.

What attracted you to CMPD? 
The countless amount of opportunities. I wanted to be in some type of investigation unit and then work my way up the chain. There are great opportunities for advancement here.

What makes CMPD different from other departments?
CMPD has almost every resource you can imagine. The access to training is amazing, as well as the supervisors. They want to see you improve. They are very accommodating of any training or class you want to take. I’ve even seen other officers offer to cover shifts so that you’re able to take part in training.

What are the next steps for your career at CMPD?
I plan to stay with our in-house detective unit for at least three years. Another thing I want to do is work for our Crimes Against Children Unit. I’m really passionate about kids. I eventually want to be a sergeant with the hopes of becoming a deputy chief.

What makes you so passionate about working with children?
As I said, I’ve had a very rough childhood. I witnessed a lot of abuse. I feel that kids who go through traumatic things like sex assaults or physical abuse are true victims. I want to make sure those kids get the help, the justice, and the closure they deserve.

What’s your favorite part about working at CMPD?
The camaraderie. Ever since I started on patrol, I have had a great bond with my fellow officers. They would always help out and back me up on my calls. We hung out outside of work. I’ve built really strong connections with officers, detectives, and sergeants.

Ready to join Detective Gose and the men and women of CMPD? Whether you’re new to law enforcement or have experience at another organization, expand your career at CMPD.