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Officer Kyshaun Merchant has been with CMPD since September of 2021. He’s worked in law enforcement for 3 years. He joined the Chesapeake Police Department in Virginia in 2018 before transferring to CMPD. Before becoming an officer, he worked at FedEx and as a manager at Autobell Car Wash.

What drew you to law enforcement as a career?
The idea of being able to come to work and experience anything and everything at any given moment. A lot of jobs I had in the past were the same routine every day. After a while, it didn’t sit well with me. Now I have the freedom to make an impact doing different things week in and week out. I never had any formal experience in law enforcement, just a love for people and the motivation to better myself. I think the willingness to be an asset for people is what made me jump into law enforcement.

What attracted you to CMPD?
There were a lot of things. I loved Chesapeake but it was a smaller department and there was a ceiling that was visible to me. Charlotte had in-house detective positions in their crime reduction units – things that I aspire to do – and there were just more opportunities.

What makes CMPD a good place to work?
They don’t spare any expense for equipment. When I came here, the cars were in great shape. There was a plethora of state-of-the-art equipment and tools to use. I came from a department where we didn’t have many of the resources that we have here, for instance; a helicopter unit and a 24-hour canine unit. CMPD makes sure officers have the things they need to better do their job day-to-day.

What are the next steps for your career at CMPD?
My life-long passion has been training people. I would love to be a staff instructor at the training academy. I would love to be in a supervisory role. I’ve had great supervisors who have had a great impact on me and shown me a different love for the job I didn’t know I had. I would love to be part of the crew that can take this new generation of officers to the next level.

Would you advise other law enforcement officers to transfer to CMPD?
I would say why not come to CMPD. There’s no real limit to the things you can do and learn. There’s all the reason to come and explore. I made the life change for myself, my two kids, and my wife. I don’t have a single regret about it. My future is bright and I don’t see a ceiling or stopping point for myself. You can grow personally and professionally in Charlotte and reap a lot of the benefits the department has to offer. I’m going back to school now. The department is willing to help me pay for that, they’re also willing to send you to different trainings for a variety of things. You don’t have anything to lose – and everything to gain by coming to Charlotte.

Ready to join Officer Merchant and the men and women of CMPD? Whether you’re new to law enforcement or have experience at another organization, expand your career at CMPD.