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The City of Charlotte adopted its Fiscal Year 2024 budget last week. It includes increases in officer pay, retirement contributions and other incentives and benefits for sworn positions.

Among the highlights effective July 1, 2023:

Increased officer pay

The new budget provides an 8% salary increase for all Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department officers and sergeants. This means officers can now make up to $104,658 with all incentives. Sergeants can make up to $111,118.

Officers will also earn an additional salary increase of 2.5% in January 2024, bringing the total increase to 21% since January 2023. The new starting salary for an officer before incentives is $56,347 beginning July 1, 2023, and $57,192 as of January 1, 2024.

Incentive increases include an additional 5% for an associate’s degree, 10% for a bachelor’s degree, 5% for military veterans, and 5% for proficiency in select foreign languages. Additional salary and benefits might also apply.

$7,500 hiring bonus

The City of Charlotte knows the value of officers’ commitment to serving the Charlotte community, and has extended CMPD’s $7,500 hiring bonus for the 2024 fiscal year. This incentive is open to all lateral officers and new police recruits, and is structured to reward recruits throughout training and after their first year of service with CMPD.

Increased retirement contribution

Beginning in January 2024, the FY 2024 budget provides a 25% increase to the annual contribution to retiree health savings for sworn positions hired on or after July 1, 2009.

Additional incentives remain

The shift differential and military incentives implemented in January 2023 remain in place in the new budget. This includes a 2.5% bonus for employees permanently assigned to regular work on the second, third and fourth shifts, and a 5% bonus for employees with eligible military service.

These and other previously approved incentives are on top of the newly approved base pay increase.

No layoffs or furloughs

The balanced, fiscally responsible FY 2024 budget once again includes a promise not to lay off or furlough City of Charlotte employees.

What’s more, it does not increase taxes, maintains or enhances core services, and maintains operating reserves.

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