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Officer Wilson has been an officer with CMPD since May 2020 but didn’t start his career as a CMPD officer. Office Wilson began his career in law enforcement patrolling our nation’s capital, the District of Columbia. Officer Wilson grew up in a household where both his parents worked in law enforcement. Growing up in Buffalo, N.Y., he knew that he wanted to work in law enforcement.

What drew him to the field was his years of playing team sports. He grew up playing hockey and lacrosse at the collegiate level at St. Leo University.

He enjoyed the team aspect within law enforcement. He knew that just like in hockey and lacrosse as a police officer, his fellow officers would be there to support him. Office Wilson also wanted to be able to truly help others when they needed it the most within the community. Learn more about why officer Wilson applied to become a lateral officer with CMPD.

How was the transition into the academy at CMPD?
The transition was easier than I thought it would be. It was a very uncomfortable feeling to uproot my entire life, but CMPD made it very easy. The lateral academy was very informative, and the classes were fantastic. Everyone was accommodating from the moment I applied to graduating from the academy.

What makes CMPD different?
While I was looking at other agencies, CMPD stood out because of the size of the department and the competitive pay. When I got to the department, I was amazed by the quality of training on day one. The training that I received was top-of-the-line compared to my last agency. I got new equipment and the vehicles we use every day are in great shape. CMPD focuses on everything down to officers’ uniforms to ensure that everyone has what they need. Most officers understand that these little details matter the most to doing their job every day.

What is your favorite part about being in patrol?
Walking beats. I enjoy walking through the neighborhoods and meeting the people within the area that I patrol. I also enjoy being able to meet and get to know the local businesses in the area. Being present in the community through my interactions and the relationships I can build, I may be able to change someone’s perception of policing.

Would you advise other law enforcement officers to transfer to CMPD?
Absolutely! I have talked to officers I know at other agencies, and most of them find it hard to believe how lucky officers are at CMPD. CMPD provides equipment that other departments make officers cover the cost or share equipment. I have even talked with my brother about joining the department.

Ready to join Officer Wilson and the men and women of CMPD? Whether you’re new to law enforcement or have experience at another organization, expand your career at CMPD.