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Officer Cliff knows a thing or two about growth. Matter of fact, he recently made a decision that increased his network by 36 times and his customer base by 46 times!

What was that decision?
I worked as a police officer in a small, intimate town called Oswego in New York. Each day, I had the honor of working alongside 49 other police officers to serve the 20,000 people that lived there. My goal in life has always been to help other people and working in Oswego afforded me the opportunity to make a difference in their lives. I’ve always had a strong interest in law enforcement, but I had fulfilled what I needed to in Oswego and felt led to expand my role in the world. That’s when the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department came into my RADAR and decided to join the CMPD family.

Why did you choose the CMPD?
Some may say I get bored easy, but it boils down to the fact I’m always seeing opportunity for growth. I spoke with someone who told me they had worked 14 different assignments at the CMPD, and that really grabbed my attention. I realized the opportunity for growth was not only tremendous, but it was also encouraged. Plus, you can’t beat many of the perks that come with living in Charlotte.

There are a lot of agencies with incredible opportunities. What drew you to Charlotte?
Charlotte is not only a beautiful city but is also only a few hours away from the mountains and the beach when you are looking for a temporary change in scenery. Also, because Charlotte is constantly growing, it is ripe with diversity of culture, experiences and opportunities that contribute to the city’s beauty.

How was it moving from a small-town police department to the CMPD?
I was fortunate to take part in a four-week academy with several other officers who, like me, had decided to transition for a career at CMPD. My transition involved adding 400 miles and nearly one million people that I would serve. That’s a huge change, but the CMPD’s thoughtful mix of class time and patrol work has made the transition very smooth.

What’s next for you?
I am called to be a law enforcement officer, so I am finding ways that will continue to contribute to my professional growth. I’m currently in school for forensic psychology. I strongly believe it is paramount in this profession moving forward. I’ll also be spending a lot of time getting to know my new community.