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The past year was a big one in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department recruitment news.

In July, the starting salary before incentives for a sworn officer increased to $56,347. It’s set to increase again – to $57,192 – on Jan. 1, 2024. In October, the CMPD Academy welcomed its largest-ever recruit class, and with it, a brand-new lead instructor. And throughout the year, we heard from Academy graduates, recruiters and trainers on how to prepare for training, how to stay on top of your studies, and even how to enjoy your downtime in the Queen City.

Here’s a look back at your most-clicked recruitment news, tips and profiles of 2023:

No. 5 | New Lead Instructor Talks Secret to Unlocking Potential, Achieving Success

Officer Michael Gainey is no stranger to the CMPD Training Academy. He passed through its halls as a lateral recruit in 2021, and has been an instructor for several new recruit classes since. This fall marked a new “first” for Officer Gainey: He stepped up as lead instructor for Recruit Class 196, CMPD’s largest-ever group of trainees.

Check out our November blog to see Officer Gainey’s thoughts on his new role and what advantages he believes CMPD offers lateral recruits and members of the military.

No. 4 | Study Hacks: What 3 Recruits Want You to Know About Academy Academics

You were surprised to learn that, for many recruits, the most challenging part of their time at the Police Academy isn’t the physical demands of training – it’s the academics.

See what three members of Recruit Class 193 said they wish they’d known before beginning their journeys to the badge.

No. 3 | A+ Attractions: CMPD Officers’ CLT Must-Eat, See & Do

CMPD officers don’t just protect and serve the Queen City – they enjoy the best the region has to eat, see and do, too.

We asked our recruiters, trainers and recent Academy grads where they spend their free time around town. They gave us their favorites, and then we passed them on to you.

See the list in our August blog.

No. 2 | 12 Answers to Questions You’re Not Sure You Can Ask Your Recruiter

You’re considering a career in law enforcement, but you have a few questions.

Ok, maybe more than a few.

You’re not alone, and we’re here to help. We asked the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department recruitment team to tell us the questions they hear most from potential recruits. 

Check out their list of frequently asked questions – plus a few that Academy applicants are often afraid to ask – from our September newsletter.

No. 1 | Your CMPD Starting Salary Just Increased 10.5%

The City of Charlotte increased officer pay, retirement contributions and other incentives and benefits for sworn positions in its Fiscal Year 2024.

The new budget extended a $7,500 hiring bonus for lateral officers and new police recruits, as well as the shift differential, military and other incentives implemented in the 2023 budget.

See all the details of the budget’s benefits for new recruits in our June blog.

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